Organic Staples

Organic Staples

Life can be complicated, especially when you consider the amount of decisions we have to make on a daily basis. Sometimes, simple is best, which is in part what inspired us to create our Organic Staples capsule. Rather than face an avalanche of unnecessary styling decisions every time you wake up in the morning, we wanted to build a tight, versatile and inherently sustainable set of clothing that could be mixed and matched without your brain synapses offering so much as a twitch. You could literally get dressed in your sleep and be confident of stepping outside in public. 

Avery Overshirt Ellbridge Green

Avery Overshirt
Ellbridge Green

Fishtail Trousers Ellbridge Navy

Fishtail Trousers
Ellbridge Navy

As the name suggests, the capsule is made up of 100% organic cotton. It needed to include workday staples, hence Oliver Spencer's trademark relaxed tailoring forms an integral part of it, with our versatile Solms jacket leading the way. But work uniforms are diverse these days, so we had to also incorporate elements of casualwear that would work alone with our trouser curation, hence you'll find a diverse range of shirts in a multitude of sustainable fabrics. 

Solms Jacket Ellbridge Black

Solms Jacket
Ellbridge Black

Drawstring Trousers Ellbridge Black

Drawstring Trousers
Ellbridge Black

Speaking of trousers, they're often the sticking point for a lot of men, so we have included a number of different styles, tones and fabrics to make styling that much easier. From the more formal, chino-style fishtail trouser to the casual flat-fronted drawstring and edgier cropped judo trouser, each different style instantly transforms the look.

New York Special Shirt Abbott White

New York Special
Shirt Abbott White

Fishtail Trousers Ellbridge Green

Fishtail Trousers
Ellbridge Green

We've also included some non-negotiable essentials for everyday style, such as our Oli's t-shirt in white and navy, alongside our heavy cotton white tee that works really well with our navy Solms jackets. Similarly, we've curated our Abbott navy and white shirts into the capsule in the form of grandad collar, tab collar and classic button collar styles so you have all bases covered.

Styling made simple and sustainable. Enjoy.

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