In Conversation with Olivier Geraghty

To launch our new Organic Staples, we met up with Olivier Geraghty at the unique East London creative interiors store, Dudley Waltzer ( Olivier affords a unique position in the creative industry, being both content director at Soho House group, and founder and creative director of OG Studios.  

Why don't you introduce yourself Olivier?

I am the founder and creative director of OG Studios and the content director at Soho House for the UK, Europe and Asia. OG Studios is a team of multidisciplinary creatives that specialise in the thinking, creation and delivery of culture-driven projects. In my day-to-day role as content director I oversee the content strategy for the Soho House group which is incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. OG Studios is more about working as a multi-disciplined creative director and using my knowledge from working within architecture and also using my upbringing to push the studio forward. 


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When we first met, you told us about how you used to box. Is boxing still a part of your life?

When I was a youngster, my dad got me into boxing around the age of 11 or 12. I was taken out with other lads my age to Catford and we were taught how to box. It was important at that stage of my life that we knew how to look after ourselves growing up in Peckham. This gave me a lot of freedom, taught me focus, and helped me understand how my body worked. It made me push myself to my limits in all aspects of my life. Boxing is still part of my life - it keeps me fit, allows me to release energy, and deal with the stresses of life. Thanks Dad!

How would you describe your personal style? Is there a style or genre of menswear that you're really into?

My personal style changes depending on how I feel. It is normally a combination of luxury and sportswear; I can dress it up or down. I like to wear a suit from time to time. I love good quality basics and have recently started introducing colour into my wardrobe. It is important to me to buy responsibly and if I have the option to buy something in organic cotton, I would choose it.


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What influences your style choices? Who's your style icon?

I think my style choices really fluctuate depending on the weather, my mood and the occasion. My overall style Is very relaxed and would probably most closely fit with the ‘norm-core’ style of dressing. My friends influence my style and if I had to choose an icon it would probably be someone like Pharrell - the man can pull off so many different looks and he does it so effortlessly, you can tell he dresses in what he likes and it doesn’t come across as try-hard or contrived. He keeps true to who he is. Of course, now we are back in the office I need to keep it smart but I still want that casual element too. I have noticed there has been a big change in what people have been wearing to work.


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Where do you call home and what do you love most about it?

I call home anywhere that I feel loved. My apartment in East London is my space that I tend to relax and collect my thoughts in but I also call my studio in Bermondsey home, which is where OG Studios is based. It’s a space that feels calm and uplifting to me. I think you need those places to be able to reset and to continue the day in the right way and to keep you calm and relaxed. Home is also the Ivory Coast, but I haven’t been back since the start of the pandemic - it’s somewhere I want to revisit soon. I have family in Bukino Faso where I actually opened a small restaurant, run by my auntie – it’s doing really well!


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What are your three favourite haunts to 1) eat 2) drink and 3) completely relax?

I recently visited Brat in Shoreditch. It’s a Basque-inspired grill-house I suppose -the food is incredible – lots of small plates, rich with fIavour. It was one of the nicest spots I’ve eaten at for a long time! To drink, my answer has to be Soho House of course! Between work and life, London is fast-paced and always moving - it’s hard to completely relax! I like to get out of city and see the world. I recently visited Spain and travelled between Malaga, Seville and Barcelona – I love being by the sea, it’s really soothing somehow.

Where in the world are you most looking forward to visit next?

I’m going to Tel Aviv next week for work and then Miami the following week – both for the very first time which I’m really excited about. I’ve been to the States a few times but never down to Miami - it feels like a really exciting time to place visit right now. Lots of young, creative professionals have moved down there to escape the freezing winters of New York or the insane housing market in San Francisco. Lots of great restaurants, bars and things to do – can’t wait!

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