How to Dress for WTF Weather

How to Dress for WTF Weather

Picture this: you wake up, gaze out the window, and within a span of five minutes, you witness sunbeams, raindrops, and a fleeting rainbow. And that's a good day. On a bad day you might be soaked to the bone on your commute thanks to a Biblical deluge, then stripping off sweaty layers by lunch, and walking off dinner in a pair of shorts and a tee. August in Britain - renowned for much meteorological fuckery - will invariably rip up your best-laid style plans unless you deftly navigate the sartorial tightrope between summer's end and autumn's dawn.

The industry has a term for it - transitional dressing - but you should just know it as dressing with versatility and intelligence. In practise, that means lightweight layers, some barely-there waterproofing, breathable knits, and a little bit of luck. Pull them all together and you've got a combination of looks that will stand up to any weather witchcraft, while also maintaining the highest style standards.

 Milford Jacket Penpol Green

Milford Jacket
Penpol Green

Box T-Shirt Elsmere Multi

Box T-Shirt
Elsmere Multi

Kingsley Walters Downham Tote Bag Tan Brown Leather

Kingsley Walters Downham Tote
Bag Tan Brown Leather

T-shirts and lightweight jackets are an easy combination to call on, whatever the weather. Our Penpol fabric that we've used across a number of different styles this season is a very technical lightweight cotton that affords you some water-repellency which will withstand all but the most incessant of downpours. In a khaki green shirt jacket silhouette courtesy of our Milford jacket, it makes for an urban fit that will complement most dark trousers. An organic cotton tee can be used to introduce some pattern into he look, too.

Linen is always pigeon-holed as a summer-only fabric, and while it is indeed excellent on the hottest of days, its usefulness shouldn't be underestimated in the transition in autumn. For one, it's lightweight and breathable if the sun deigns to come out, but it's also quick-drying so if you do get caught out in a shower, it won't be long before you're dry again. Of course, from a style point of view, linen's credentials are excellent, bringing a subtle element of texture to add a actile dimension to your looks.


Fowey Bomber Jacket Penpol Green

Fowey Bomber
Jacket Penpol Green

Drawstring Trousers Harding Beige

Drawstring Trousers
Harding Beige

Solovair x Oliver Spencer Brown Gaucho Leather Monkey Boots

Solovair x Oliver Spencer Brown
Gaucho Leather Monkey Boots

A soft cotton shirt of overshirt is another excellent layering tool for when the weather doesn't know its backside from its elbow. Lightweight and comfortable, you can wear it buttoned up as per usual for a smart off-duty look, or wear it unbuttoned over a simple white tee for a more relaxed look.

 Treviscoe Shirt Purcell Blackwatch

Treviscoe Shirt
Purcell Blackwatch

Conduit T-Shirt Hawley Cream

Conduit T-Shirt
Hawley Cream

If a more sartorial aesthetic is your thing, or it's a requirement for work, then we'd recommend you opt for an unstructured wool suit to keep it lightweight. You don't want to feel restricted with canvassing or unnecessary padding when the sun comes out. A cotton t-shirt is a good accomplice too, keeping the look relaxed with the jacket on or off.

 Mansfield Jacket Birkbeck Charcoal

Mansfield Jacket
Birkbeck Charcoal

Belted Trousers Birkbeck Charcoal

Belted Trousers
Birkbeck Charcoal

Box T-Shirt Briar Navy

Box T-Shirt
Briar Navy

A great in-between look can be achieved by incorporating our new Bradwell jacket, which is a sort of hybrid between a tailored jacket and a utility jacket. It features a short lapel which can be turned up and buttoned if the weather gets chilly (functioning like a chore jacket). You can style it very simply with a t-shirt for an off-duty look or add a collared shirt for something a little more formal but still understated.

 Bradwell Jacket Birkbeck Charcoal

Bradwell Jacket
Birkbeck Charcoal

Conduit T-Shirt Hawley Yellow

Conduit T-Shirt
Hawley Yellow

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