Discover The New Collection by Oliver Spencer

Discover The New Collection by Oliver Spencer

The new collection by Oliver Spencer has landed, exploring the cohesion of natural and man-made fibres throughout an eclectic assembly of modern menswear shapes, traditional silhouettes, and reinvigorated classics. Featuring an abundance of relaxed unstructured tailoring is soft wool fabrics, as well as a plethora of textured knits, super soft jersey, and brushed cotton shirting, this is a collection full of tactility.


Solms Jacket
Whittaker Beige

Drawstring Trousers Whittaker Beige

Drawstring Trousers
Whittaker Beige

Punctuated by Oli's relaxed approach to contemporary tailoring and an urban utilitarian aesthetic, the collection combines contemporary style with inherent functionality, forming a cohesive wardrobe that can be entirely mixed and matched depending upon the wearer’s individual style preferences.

"I really wanted to explore the interactions with various textures with this collection, because at the end of the day, texture is what separates a good garment from a great garment. Texture makes a look multi-dimensional, so I've used a really diverse array of fabrics in rich tones to accentuate this idea."

 Solms Jacket Hudson Cord Green

Solms Jacket Hudson
Cord Green

Drawstring Trousers Hudson Cord Green

Drawstring Trousers
Hudson Cord Green

Almost all of the outerwear elements of the collection have been made right here in the UK, ensuring the highest level of quality, both in terms of fabric provenance and the artisanal handwork that has gone into the production. Furthermore, local production has meant a more sustainable collection that also helps to cement the future of the British textile industry.

 Norton Jacket Hudson Cord Tan

Norton Jacket
Hudson Cord Tan

Drawstring Trousers Hudson Cord Blue

Drawstring Trousers
Hudson Cord Blue

New key silhouettes include the Bradwell jacket, which riffs on railroad jackets of old and features a short lapel which can be turned up, as well as the Norton jacket, which is a modern rendition of a western-inspired blouson crafted in a variety of rich corduroy tones.

 Albion Coat Whittaker Beige

Albion Coat
Whittaker Beige

Talbot Roll Neck Jumper Keswick Grey

Talbot Roll Neck
Jumper Keswick Grey

Alongside pure new wools, virgin wool, organic cotton, and ecological linen, there is also a host of technical fabrics in this collection, selected due to their extremely lightweight performance qualities. They also bring a unique textural quality to juxtapose the natural fibres.

 Belted Trousers Birkbeck Charcoal

Belted Trousers
Birkbeck Charcoal

Brook Shirt Archdale Grey

Brook Shirt
Archdale Grey

The palette is rich with earthy tones as well as a number of different blue and burnt orange hues, adding a pop of autumnal vibrancy, alongside plaids, stripes, and traditional knitted patterns.

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