Spotlight: The Hockney Shirt Jacket

In the annals of workwear, there is one jacket that has consistently risen to the top, evolving from its humble past to become an essential piece of kit in the modern wardrobe. The piece we're referring to is the chore jacket, which we wrote extensively about here. Inspired by the simple silhouette and undeniable functionality, Oli created the Hockney jacket in homage to the classic.

Hockney Shirt Jacket
Penton Cord Ginger

Hockney Shirt Jacket
Penton Cord Green

Hockney Shirt Jacket
Penton Cord Navy

While the original 'bleu de chine' chore jacket used to be made from extremely hardwearing cotton or even canvas, we've elevated our Hockney jacket in every way we could, creating a piece that drapes naturally thanks to a luscious stretch corduroy fabric in three colourways: ginger, navy and racing green

The style still closely references the chore jackets of old, but also takes elements of the artist's and safari jacket, making it a perfect piece for autumnal layering. On warmer days, it will work nicely as an overshirt, and since it is not bulky, you can also layer more a substantial jacket over it on cooler days. Above all, it's designed to be lived in, since the corduroy will develop a unique patina with age. It also adds a great textural element to a look.

The palette was inspired by the natural autumn landscape of the American midwest, hence the deep, rich navy and green, together with the more vibrant ochre version. The style, as with the colours, is extremely versatile. If you're more inclined to wear your Hockney jacket in a laidback way, we would suggest layering it over a simple white tee with casual trousers and sneakers. For a slightly more refined look, wearing it with an Eton collar or Clerkenwell tab shirt with pleat trousers and loafers, or for a more rugged look, pair it with our fine-gauge Blenheim jumpers, drawstring trousers and Paraboots.

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