A Tailored Summer

A Tailored Summer

It's true. The British public love talking about the weather. But 'love' in the sense of how a boxer might 'love' to get slapped round the face by his trainer in the locker room pre-fight. We love it because we hate it, and that feels good. It flips us the bird, rug-pulls our outfits, rains buckets on our vitamin D levels. But when the sun finally makes an appearance, no people will collectively remove their tops faster than the Brits.

But fellow Brits, hold fire on the bare chests, because here at Oliver Spencer, we have just released our summer tailoring collection - a veritable feast of soft linen suits and shirts and tailored short sets that will elevate your wardrobe quicker than Uri Geller on mushrooms.


Foremost among the collection is our new exclusive 'Occasions' capsule that we have created for Mr Porter, the luxury menswear destination. This is replete with some very elegant linen suiting in both single- and double-breasted unstructured silhouettes which are perfect for summer weddings or if you just want to raise the bar with your everyday fits. They can be dressed up with a shirt, tie and shoes, or be made to look more contemporary and casual with a polo and sneakers. We've also made some matching tailored shorts to go with some of the jackets should you want to make a bold summer statement.


Besides that we have a plethora of relaxed cotton suits by way of our iconic Solms jacket, our peak lapel Mansfield jacket, and our Theobald jacket, too, all of which are unstructured for a really soft and natural drape that just gets better with wear. We have also created our Bradwell jacket for a modern alternative to the suit, being inspired by the chore jacket rather than the traditional English blazer.

All in all, we have designed probably the most comprehensive and eclectic summer tailoring collection we've ever released so come in and give it a whirl next time you're in town.

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