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Wool is among the oldest natural fibres used in clothing. High-quality wool not only keeps you warm and provides comfort but also lasts a long time. While the early stages of wool's lifecycle, such as breeding and processing, might have a moderate environmental footprint, this is often counterbalanced in the long run. Good quality wool requires less frequent washing and tends to have a longer lifespan.

We are committed to sourcing only the finest wools from historic British woollen mills and trusted knitwear factories. All our wools undergo processing in Europe, primarily in the UK, adhering to rigorous European chemical usage guidelines. As a natural material, once wool reaches the end of its usable life and isn't recyclable, it naturally biodegrades, returning to the earth.


Of all the wool we use in our collections which accounts for 5.7% of the yearly production, 48.4% of it is undyed, and 11% is recycled.