US Rubber Company

US RUBBER COMPANY, founded in 1852, returns in 2019 now based in Europe in one of the oldest rubber factories in the world. U.S. Rubber Company once had a monopoly on the rubber and sneaker industry, after acquiring the largest rubber companies around the world, they started producing high-quality sneakers. Indeed, the company created the first mass-marketed canvas sneakers in 1917, which were the “Keds” sneakers. The same year, former-worker of the U.S Rubber factory Marquis Converse, released the All-Stars Converse.

The success of U.S Rubber Company allowed them to bond with the US Army, eventually becoming their sneakers suppliers. The brand also manufactured sneakers for 30 years, until World War I, which led to the fall of the brand. However, U.S Rubber Company comes back in 2019, offering its iconic military collection, defined by the black sole and coloured canvas. Now manufactured in one of the oldest rubber factories in Europe. The factory specific Vulcanisation method makes the sneakers extremely durable and flexible.

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