Kei Tominaga

Kei Tominaga is London Based artist, originally from Tokyo. She studied metal sculpture and smithing at the Tokyo University for Art and Music. Her latest work of jewellery, silverware and metalworks are a departure from her product design background, she brings the lightness, and also textures, of paper to her unique designs in precious metals.

The design process involves cutting, bending, folding and sticking together moulds, narrowing down the techniques in the process so the result is as simple as possible. Giving the object a strength that is simple and pure. Tominaga favours sharp, straight edges just like folded paper. Completely flat faces or tightly curved edges give her work strength and tension.

Kei lives and works close to Lambs Conduit Street, we met her when she popped in the shop on the way back from picking her children up from School nearby.

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