Colchester Rubber Co

The original Colchester Rubber Company, founded in 1888 at Colchester, Connecticut, USA, became known for being the world’s first sneaker brand and inventing the “World’s First Basketball Sneakers”, which were created circa 1892.

The Gum Collection is inspired by authentic Basketball sneakers of the early 20th century, where natural rubber was used untreated. Re-created in their iconic 1892 National Treasure Silhouette, which were faithful replicas of the first basketball sneakers invented in 1892 that were rediscovered in 2004 at an estate sale in California, with the same 5" high-top design, turkey feather sole pattern, and Colchester Rubber Co. crest that are the hallmarks of the originals.

Made from vulcanized rubber and canvas, the original sneakers were the first of their kind that protected feet while running, jumping, and pivoting on gymnasium floors. Updated for contemporary casual wear, the shoes have a built-in arch, cushioned insole, and metal eyelets.

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