Why we love... The Milford Jacket

Jackets aren't always the first consideration we make when thinking about a summer wardrobe but they nevertheless play a key part, especially in the UK where "summer" is often more of a concept than a reality. Either way, a good summer jacket or blouson needs to be lightweight to keep you cool, and ultimately very versatile so that you can throw it on with a variety of relaxed and smart-casual looks. We think we've ticked all the boxes with our Milford jacket.

 Milford Jacket Bridford Beige

Milford Jacket
Bridford Beige

The Milford is cut in a classic cropped blouson silhouette, much like that of a Harrington, only with a stand-down semi-spread collar and button-down front. And while it may look like a blouson, it functions much more like a lightweight overshirt. That's because we've cut it in two breezy styles this season, the first being a super soft and very fluid linen cloth, and the second being a similarly lightweight cotton and linen blend. 

 Milford Jacket Bridford Navy

Milford Jacket
Bridford Navy

Besides the lightweight qualities and the cool dry handle of linen, what we love the most about the Milford jacket is its styling versatility. We've made three colour options: beige and navy in the 100% linen cloth, and a rich brown check in the cotton and linen blend. Each one is very easy to throw over a simple summer tee or a short-sleeved shirt or polo, with either a pair of casually tailored shorts or chinos. The semi-spread collar has a soft roll to it so you get some structure around the neck without any formality.

 Milford Jacket Burrow Brown

Milford Jacket
Burrow Brown

The brown check style is also a great way to add a bold pattern to muted tones such as a cream tee and khaki chinos for example. Being lightweight, it's a great layering piece on cooler days too, since you can hardly feel yourself wearing it and it won't add any bulk to your look.



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