Two Jackets to Winterproof Your Wardrobe

Two Jackets to Winterproof Your Wardrobe

As a certain epic fantasy drama was always quick to tell us... "Winter is coming". Indeed is it. Autumn is in full swing and it won't be long before those dark wet mornings turn into bloody cold dark wet mornings. It's then that you learn pretty quickly whether or not you have a coat that is not only up to the task of keeping you protected from the elements, but one that will also level up your style credentials. Said garments are not that easy to come by. The warm and protected mandate is quite easy to tick off - there are any number of technical down-filled jackets out there that will do the job, but do you really want to look like you're on a search-and-rescue mission on your commute to work or weekend jaunt? Surely it would be better to have a jacket that actually complemented your wardrobe?


That's why, this season, we decided to create two winter jacket silhouettes that would tick all the weather boxes, but would also seamlessly slip into a modern menswear wardrobe. We wanted these jackets to be traditional yet modern, military-inspired yet inherently urban, both smart and casual. The key to successfully designing these jackets was, as ever, the textile choices. In this case we chose a dry wax cotton canvas for the outer fabric because it is both rugged and traditional, especially in the versatile khaki green tone. We also decided to fully line the jackets in a faux fleece fabric for optimum warmth and to give a reassuring feeling of protection.

First up was the Newington coat, a perennial silhouette that we've loved for a long time. It's a three-quarter length double-breasted coat that we wanted to feel like a bear hug, or a mountain refuge. With two front welted pockets and two internal pockets, this coat will see you through the worst the winter can throw at you, all the while in consummate style.


The second silhouette we decided on was the Lambeth jacket, a shorter style that riffs on traditional country field jackets. Once again, fleece-lined for optimum warmth, and constructed in the Barwell dry wax cotton which is made in the UK. It features two front pockets and a turn-down collar. Super versatile, with a hint of military and countryside aesthetics, it would look as good with a smart leather tote in you hand as it would a shotgun cocked over your shoulder. Wear it with wool trousers or selvedge denim jeans and a pair of strong boots such as our Solovair styles or something by French maker Paraboot.

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