The Shoreditch Journal

The Shoreditch Journal

We wanted to have a catch up with the Management, see how they’re doing and what they’re looking forward to as the Autumn ’21 collection arrives in the shops. On another note we thought you’d enjoy knowing where it all started.

The old London tradition is that Shoreditch derived its name from Jane Shore, the beautiful mistress of Edward IV., who, died in this once unsavoury suburb, it’s come on a long way.

Steven - Store Manager

With things opening up again are there any new neighbours in and around the shop that you’d like to mention?

The area has remained almost the same as life before lockdown, the only addition to our street is a great new restaurant that makes burritos out of Sushi called “Let’s do Maki”

How does your day start and what’s your commute like?

A nice hot shower and a nice hot coffee followed by a leisurely cycle downhill into work!

What have you missed the most during these rather strange times, and what have you learnt to appreciate more than ever?

Seeing family and friends that live abroad. We were lucky enough to get away briefly last summer, but I can’t wait until I’m able to go and see loved ones!

What star sign are you?


You’ve picked an outfit from the new Autumn collection can you take us through it? What did you choose and why?

I’m becoming a bit of a parody of myself with the amount of Buffalo jackets I’ve got from our previous collections, but there’s just something so easy to wear about a good trucker jacket and this version is in such a great hard wearing organic cotton, then it made sense to just add some comfy trousers to match!

Judo Trousers 
Eden Black

Buffalo Jacket
Rhodes Black

Oli's T-Shirt
Conway White


What are you listening to at the moment that’s got you excited or just making you smile? (Podcast, album etc...)

One of the worst names in podcasts admittedly short history but one called “No Dogs in Space” which is a fairly in depth look at the birth of punk music that starts with four feature length episodes about Iggy Pop & The Stooges. It’s pretty entertaining to find out how Iggy managed to get out of his military conscription.

Have you read any books or seen any movies that you can recommend?

The most recent series of Fargo was definitely one of them, great actors, great scenes and great outfits.

You’ve finished work and your off to meet three people for a drink choose three people from anytime from past, present or future. Who would they be and why?

After the past year I’d probably pick three mates that I haven’t been able to see. As fun as it would be to sit down with famous people, they’d probably wonder what the hell I was doing at their party.

Since working at Oliver Spencer is there anything curious or interesting you’ve learnt about the area around the shop?

This area is in so many British TV series and movies that whilst the shop was closed I definitely ended up seeing more of it on the screen than I did in real life. That and apparently the Church across the road have installed an amazing sound system.


So please head over and have a catch up with the Management and our new Autumn ’21 collection. It will be pleasure to see you questions at the ready.


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