Talking Shop - Notting Hill

Talking Shop - Notting Hill

Located on Kensington Park Road, right in the eclectic heart of Notting Hill, is our west London outpost, overseen by Jamahl Gafa. Notting Hill has always been a vibrant community with many a rich cultural vein running through it, providing many original influences, not least the Notting Hill carnival, so we love being able to replicate the passion in this neighbourhood with our passion for well-made, timeless and sustainable clothing. Notting Hill and specifically Portobello Market is also where the Oliver Spencer story began so the community holds a special place in our hearts and history.

Now deep into our seasonal sale, we asked Jamahl to select his favourite pieces; those garments he’s snaffled away for himself. Many are now up to 60% off so act quickly to ensure you can pick up a bargain. Here’s Jamahl with his selects. Enjoy!

“I’ve gone for a lot of ecological and organic fabrics in my selection because it’s difficult not to in this season’s collection - it’s our most sustainable yet! Making sustainable choices is important to me, so it’s great that Oli is following this path.

“Of the ecological garments made from linen, I’m really into this season’s cowboy jackets and love the sand, teal and navy styles. They’re just that perfect blend of casual and semi-formal. With four front pockets, they’re inspired by the classic field jacket but they wear much more like a casual chore jacket and you can pair them with just about any style of casual trouser (I like the judo trouser for a casual look).

“The Coram jacket is another one of my favourite outerwear pieces from SS20 because it’s so versatile, especially in the Vyne Navy and Evering Green styles. It’s a three-pocket style as opposed to the the Cowboy jacket’s four-pocket front, which gives it a slightly smarter finish, but honestly, that workwear silhouette will go with whatever you like. Smarten it up with pleated trousers and loafers or keep it casual with drawstring trousers and sneakers. If you like something with more of a blouson cut, then the Buckland jacket is perfect. It has the same style of contrast placket as the Coram but the silhouette is more like a classic Harrington.

“I love a striped shirt and there are a bunch of great options in this sale. From the short-sleeved Hawaiian style to the Grandad shirt in Marbury Green or Chamberlain blue, they are a simple way to add some pattern into your look. I come back to the Grandad collar time and again simply because you can wear it with anything, but one of our most popular styles in Notting Hill is the Clerkenwell Tab shirt, which has the tab fastening on a soft construction collar.

“For my more casual pieces, I’ve gone for the judo shorts in fan navy - from afar you can’t really make out the subtle geometric pattern, but on closer inspection it’s a really beautiful style that can be worn with tees, polos, or short-sleeved shirts. One loungewear style I’ve really gotten into is the Henley. It’s sort of the love child of a polo/long-sleeved tee/grandad collar shirt but it just works as a laidback garment for around the house or nipping out. You’ll get a tonne of use from it.”

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