Tailored for two wheels - introducing the Brompton Blazer

Was there ever a more pertinent time to get on your bike? With the end of lockdown approaching, the thought of rejoining the underground sardine cans shuttling the masses to work does not strike us as appealing, whereas jumping on your bike is a boon every which way you look at it. So we're really pleased to announce the launch of our ‘Brompton Blazer’ in collaboration with Brompton Bicycle. Conceived with commuters in mind, the navy blazer takes inspiration from the Brompton bicycle’s unique 3-way folding design to create a versatile yet stylish piece of functional outerwear. Made from a textured, Italian water-resistant cloth, the fabric retains its shape and avoids creasing, which makes it ideal for folding away.

OLIVER SPENCER X BROMPTON BLAZERThe idea for the jacket came from a need. Oli's to be precise. He wanted a weatherproof, lightweight blazer he could commute into Lambs Conduit Street with that was stylish enough that he could wear on and off for the rest of the day. It needed to mitigate the chore of having to pack extra clothes into a rucksack. The result is the Brompton Blazer. Made from a textured, Italian water-resistant performance cloth, the fabric retains its shape and avoids creasing, which makes it ideal for folding away - like the Brompton bike itself. Moreover, its defining feature is a unique 'action back' system that allows you to wear the blazer like a backpack when you get too hot, or fold it into its very own pouch to carry as you would a small courier bag.


“I wanted to create something that became an automatic choice for a cyclist in the morning," says Oli. "You can screw it up and throw it in its bag but know that when you pull it out later in the day, it’s crease-free and good to go. Being seen on the roads is important but there are also a lot of cyclists out there who want to still look good whilst doing that. I believe this jacket helps to solve that wardrobe issue.” In addition to the ‘Brompton Blazer’, Oli has also worked with Brompton to design a special Brompton bike with a one-off colour scheme.


Key features of the Brompton Blazer include:

• Reflective button loop on the lapel to close jacket for added warmth whilst riding.
• Diagonal zip-up breast pocket for easy access.
• Concealed-seam side pockets for easy access and extra pocket space.
• Reflective strips on underside of collar and cuffs, vents and ‘action back’ system.
• Water-resistant performance cloth.


Kenny Kelly, Development Designer from Brompton who worked with Oliver Spencer on the project said: “When you think of menswear in London, you think of Oliver Spencer, so when the opportunity came to work with him, we jumped at the chance. When you have a Brompton, it goes everywhere with you, from home, to work, to the pub and this blazer has the same ethos – you can ride anywhere in the city, and still look great wherever you are”.

Whether you're a Brompton enthusiast, regular commuter, or just the occasional rider who is looking for cycling kit that hasn't been designed in a wind tunnel, we think you'll love the style and functionality of this blazer.

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