Sitting down with Oliver Spencer

Summer has finally arrived in London and it has certainly been a busy few weeks here at Oliver Spencer. Our FILA x Oliver Spencer collaboration hit the shelves earlier in the month and preparation has already begun for future collections for next year. It's been a while since we last got to sit down and talk to Oli so with him deliberating over fabric options, we thought it was the perfect time to jump in.

OLIVER SPENCER INTERVIEW You’ve been busy in the design studio preparing for Spring 2022, what can we expect?

Spring is the opportune moment to embrace colour, pattern and lighter textures. What we have created for next spring is a modern work wardrobe, where sportswear and lifestyle crossover. Ultimately it is what we are all chasing and we are helping to provide a point of view as to what a creative would wear to work. It’s the movement and flexibility that sportswear allows, but the modern and refined sensibilities of what the brand is known for, the result of which is a mix of the two.

We are always talking about sustainability in the office. Since the pandemic, do you think the customer will be looking for it more?

We are a lifestyle business that happen to make clothing – for me that is really important as being environmentally conscious is a choice; whether you are making something or whether you are buying something. We strive to produce quality clothing made in a happy environment to help people feel good about what they are wearing and I believe that is what matters to the customer right now. OLIVER SPENCER INTERVIEW Not only that, but do you think we’ll be dressing differently to?

The way I am looking at collections has massively changed because I suspect people’s dressing habits have changed and that’s one of the main things we’ve got to keep in mind. One of my biggest predictions is that we’ll be mixing lifestyle and sportswear together to go to work. Now, how people end up dressing in the office or in the studio, that’s another thing. There is the uniform which would usually be the suit, but that has slowly disappeared so the question is what's next? You may end up with a suit jacket and a pair of tracksuit bottoms on.

How does it feel to have the stores open again?

I’m a proud shopkeeper, so it’s a massively rewarding feeling! It’s good to see there’s an appetite for getting dressed up again. Our design studio, where I spend most of my time sits right beneath our shop on Lambs Conduit Street and it’s been amazing to see how many regular customers have been popping by to say hello over the last few months. I do not think you can take much for granted these days!  OLIVER SPENCER INTERVIEW We recently launched our collaboration with FILA and have other projects in the pipeline that are due for release later this year and early next year. What goes into making a collaboration work?

For me it is important that the other brand is suitably juxtaposed so that we’re introducing new things to our customer. It’s really a question of aligning the businesses so that we complement one another. It’s kind of like a marriage! To look ahead, we have the second instalment of our Brompton collaboration being released in September. I also found myself spending a lot of time in the garden over the last lockdown and really excited to be working on a project with our friends at Niwaki which we’ll be releasing at the start of 2022, stay tuned in! OLIVER SPENCER INTERVIEW Outside of work, do you have any plans for the rest of summer?

I’m going to America with my family in Upstate New York for the summer, something I missed out on last year. As you can probably imagine there are tons of places I’m excited to revisit. I’m just worried about what New York looks like now post-pandemic so I’m apprehensive and excited at the same time, a feeling I quite enjoy. How much time I spend in the city, that’s another thing. I tend to spend more time sat by the lakes and countryside. It’s pretty relaxing and it’s not a million miles away from what the New Forest and Hampshire is like. Just hotter. 

While you’re Upstate, what will you be reading and listening to?

I’ve really enjoyed listening to Gary Kemp’s Rockonteurs which is basically a history of 80s and 90s music. Book wise, I’m reading two at the moment. One is a collection of short stories about being on the ocean and then the other is a fascinating story around Sherpas called Beyond Possible. Lately I haven’t had the time to read because it’s been pretty full on here and that includes weekends right now so the summer will be a time to do that. OLIVER SPENCER INTERVIEW

So there we go, plenty to look forward to here at Oliver Spencer and we are excited to continue sharing this all with you. While we begin to share first looks and teasers for future collections, you can continue to shop Summer 2021 now, along with our FILA x Oliver Spencer collection. Now, let's get out there and enjoy the good weather!

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