Music For Your Ears: Sounds Like Christmas

If you haven't found your festive cheer yet then let us lend a hand with help from our good friend Miles Copeland of Wonderful Sound. The Soho Radio DJ and neighbour of our Bloomsbury stores has put together a special 'Sounds Like Christmas' playlist; a collection of tracks that weren't intended for the festivities but can't help but make us think they should be! 

Here is Miles to tell you more...

"Around Christmas time I have always worked on projects providing playlists or mixes or general background vibes to represent the Sound of Christmas. I even created a Xmas winter scene inside a pine tree-decorated lift once!!  I noticed imaginative Christmas music playlists were few and far between. Around the same time I was in a band called The Superimposers and we had a single that people used to tell us sounded like Christmas… it wasn’t a Christmas song but it had something about it and the 'Sounds like Christmas' project was stumbled upon!

"Personally I love Christmas music, whether it’s Phil Spector’s ‘A Christmas Gift For You’ or Paul McCartney’s crazy ‘Wonderful Christmastime’ (have you ever actually listened to that record properly, Macca at his demo/experimentalist best) and the Pogues and Kirsty MacColl is perfect which of course is not a Christmas song!  

"Each year on my Radio show, The WONDERFULSOUND Libraries for Soho Radio I present a 'Sounds Like Christmas Special' - 2 hours of music that sounds like Christmas.  The finest example of this is Lee Marvin’s ‘Wandering Star’ taken from ‘Paint Your Wagon’ the 1969 big budget Hollywood musical feat Clint Eastwood. 

"I can only play that record at Christmas now it’s ingrained in my subconscious as a Xmas Song. So the Sounds Like Christmas Playlist is the alternative, dare I say cooler, mix of music to play at this festive time!  Bringing out all those sensations we want at this time - joy, reflective moments and good times! Without hearing those same old obvious tunes!

"You’ll find John Barry, Louis Armstrong,  American Country singer Dawn Landes with her Blue Grass version of the Peter, Bjorn & John song 'Young Folks',  Harry Nilsson pops his head in there with his mighty cover of ‘Time goes by’, Hugh Montenegro top secret and magical cover of Dylan’s ‘Lay Lady Lay’ and the insanely brilliant Pharaoh Sanders ‘Prince Of Peace’ yodelling courtesy of Leon Thomas. Anything with a bell or chime in it can be considered so expect a few intervals implying Christmas in case you forget!  The original song by my band The Superimposers ‘Would It Be Impossible’ is included for your delight! There’s also a few new releases from 2021 in there, plus watch out for a few selections with tongue firmly in cheek but I have decided to leave out John Lennon’s ‘Cold Turkey’ as that seems a cracker joke taken too far!

Merry Christmas all you shining stars!"

Whilst you're can subscribe to Miles's Single Club, where you will receive a new single on 7" vinyl from an artist each month for yourself or as a last minute Christmas present - it's only £3.50 a month! 


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