Maine Line: Quoddy

Maine Line: Quoddy

If you’ve ever inspected a Quoddy creation, or better still slipped a foot into one, you’ll nod knowingly when we say that it’s one of the most comfortable shoes you could try on. From classic boat shoes and moccasins to fur-lined slippers, Quoddy have perfected the art of handcrafting rich leather and suede into footwear you’ll never want to take off. There are no bells and whistles, just good ol’ skills and techniques passed down from many a generation on the Eastern Seaboard.

Quoddy’s methods date back centuries, back to the native Passamaquoddy tribes who freely roamed the lands around Maine before the French and English trappers made ground. The name "Passamaquoddy" is an anglicisation of the Passamaquoddy word “peskotomuhkati”, which literally means "pollock-spearer" or "those of the place where pollock are plentiful".

A pair of Quoddy fireside slippers

Made to cradle your foot in comfort, Quoddy shoes are built to last a lifetime because they can be renewed by the same hands that created them. Their skilled artisans work at wooden benches with leather, needle, thread, and a few basic tools in order to stitch, coax, and charm these humble materials into beautiful footwear.

The company has stubbornly resisted trading the human touch for industrial efficiency. At Quoddy, output is measured in dozens, not thousands, guaranteeing that every single pair has been constructed with love and a dedication to the craft.

For this season, Oliver Spencer has procured some exclusive styles, including the Horween® Chromexcel Maliseet Oxfords with the classic four eyelet configuration; the Dorm boot in shearling chestnut; and the Fireside shearling slippers.

Shop the collection online and in stores now.

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