How To Get Summer Trousers Right

How To Get Summer Trousers Right

Buying trousers is, admittedly, not the most exciting of activities when compared to, say, shopping for a new jacket or a statement knitted polo. Trousers aren't typically the stand-out piece of menswear in your look - they do the hard yards, creating an understated canvas against which everything else can zing. And yet, get them wrong and it won't matter if you've spent your entire monthly salary on a top - the look will invariably fall flat.

The truth is that trousers are the glue that binds your wardrobe together. With a statement summer top, you might be able to wear it one or two different ways, but you can build an entire seasonal wardrobe around two pairs of trousers. This season, we've produced a number of linen and cotton suits, the trousers of which we have designed to be worn as separates, too, using a variety of different leg silhouettes to ensure some are more casual than others. Our fishtail trousers have a tapered finish for example, and are perfectly suited to smart-casual wardrobes, whereas our judo trousers come cropped with a roomier thigh, riffing off a traditional workwear shape.

Belt Up


One new addition to our summer trouser family is the belted trouser, which as you might have guessed, features a removable belt fastening, offering a relaxed European feel to the trousers. The single circular steel clasp means that the soft belt falls naturally at the waist, reinforcing the trouser's relaxed and easy-going attitude. When we were styling them for our campaign shoot, we found they worked perfectly with a knitted polo, a tucked-in tee, or a short-sleeve shirt in the form of our Cuban style.


In Love With Linen

If you've shopped at Oliver Spencer before then you'll know we're big proponents of linen, the lightweight fibre derived from the pulped flax plant. Not only is it ecological (flax crops are typically only irrigated with rain water), but it has fantastic summer qualities. The natural crumple to the cloth instantly downplays any formality in the cut, and the subtle slubs left in the yarn give it a unique textural finish.


Understated Tones

We've got nothing against bold trousers, but when you want to build a compact and versatile summer wardrobe, neutral tones are always going to give you more mileage. Tones such as navy, pale blue, sand, cream and stone are going to provide you with an understated backdrop that will allow your bolder tops and jackets to shine through. This kind of palette will make it so easy to pull a stylish look together, no matter if you opt for contrast tones or tonal ones.

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