Exclusive: Oliver Spencer x Mr Porter Velvet Suits

Exclusive: Oliver Spencer x Mr Porter Velvet Suits

Velvet. It's not a naughty word. So why are so many wary of it? Maybe it's because it has developed a reputation for being something on an eveningwear fabric. After all, smoking jackets and some dinner jackets are made from velvet. But wearing it in the day? Let us reset your preconceptions about velvet...

We've created an exclusive trio of velvet suits with Mr Porter to prove that velvet is perfectly at home in the light of day. In fact, it revels in it. With its soft texture, depth of colour, and opulent sheen, it ticks all the 'luxury' boxes, but behind all that is a really bohemian fabric with just a hint of eccentricity that loves to be dressed down in contemporary ways. It's also supremely comfortable. The suits in this capsule are all unstructured to really show off the beautiful natural drape of velvet. There is also misconception that velvet is heavy - this couldn't be further from the truth.

The three suits we have created for Mr Porter are based on our Mansfield jacket and fishtail trousers. The jacket is a two-button peak lapel style, while the trousers have a slim tapered silhouette. These shapes, which come in black, burgundy, and racing green, make for a modern sartorial look that is really versatile to style.

Sure, you can dress them up for elegant evenings, but where you can have most fun is styling them down for the day. A simple white open collar shirt and a silk scarf combined with Chelsea boots conveys a shabby chic aesthetic, or swap out the trousers for jeans for a hi-lo look. The jacket also works really well with rollneck jumpers - fine-gauge fitted styles to dial up the smartness, or chunkier knits to keep the look casual.
The timeless appeal of velvet suits lies in their ability to effortlessly blend classic elegance with contemporary style, and this adaptability ensures that your suit always remains relevant.

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