Dressing From The Ground Up

Dressing From The Ground Up

We've said it before, but if you want to know how best to style our collections, our brilliant store staff are the people to ask. They know our garments literally inside out, and because they interact with so many different customers, all with unique takes on putting together looks, they get a really diverse view on how to construct seasonal outfits. So we tasked them with the job of curating some fresh new fits, leading with some choice new footwear options. Early spring can be a tricky time of year or your wardrobe, with mercurial British weather always keen to put a spanner in the works. But with some smart layering, and some great colour combinations, they've done a sterling job creating texturally-led menswear looks for any day of the week. Enjoy!

Tonnes of Tactile Textures

If you're not one for bold colours, then it's imperative that you caveat your understated tones with interesting textures. These will prevent your outfit looking flat or one-dimensional. From crochet knitwear, to seesucker-esque cotton tailoring, via suede shoes, all of these textural details add up to create a really stylish outfit.

Tonal Navy 

Navy is such a great versatile colour, and suits everyone. The character of it really depends on the fabric it's applied to though, because a navy denim jacket is going to have a very different attitude compared to a navy worsted wool jacket. When you're wearing a look that is predominantly navy, mixing up the tones and textures will really serve to elevate it. Here for example, we've paired our Norton jacket - a Western-inspired zip-through style crafted from an organic and recycled cotton denim blend that comes indigo-dyed - with a pair of pleated navy trousers with a dimpled handle, and used a simple white tee to add contrast. 


Off-Duty With a Twist

Comfort and style should always go hand in hand, which is why we always use soft premium organic cotton in our tees whenever we can. T-shirts are essential spring kit because they keep us insulated, but also provide a nice canvas to layer over with tactile shirts, cardigans and crew necks. Besides fabrics, creating contrast in your looks is a really effective styling tip. It can be something as simple as a white tee, or perhaps light tone trousers. These pieces create a backdrop for other tones in your look to really pop off. What's more, bookending a pair of sand chinos with some bold sneakers is a confident contemporary move.

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