The Perfect Holiday Tee

The Perfect Holiday Tee

With summer holidays just around the corner, we've been thinking a lot about the constituents of the perfect holiday wardrobe. At the cornerstone of this is the t-shirt, that most humble of garments, the silhouette that has done the rounds for god knows how long, and yet still is the most relied upon garment we collectively own.


Tees are a year-round product, hiding beneath knits and jackets in autumn and winter, only to re-emerge in spring and summer as outer layers in their own right. It's then, when we're on holiday and fully immersed in casual resort dressing, that the t-shirt really comes into its own as a versatile garment that finds itself a dancing partner for everything from swim shorts to linen suits. It's this versatility that makes it such an important item to pack, affording you the ability to travel light as it can make up so many different looks.


So what makes the perfect holiday tee? Well, given just how eclectic t-shirts are, it's difficult to say that there is a 'perfect' style, but it's hard to dispute that a good quality cotton crew-neck style is nigh impossible to beat. Whether it's plain or striped, this version of the t-shirt is a wardrobe warrior, and something you can use to dress down unstructured tailoring, or put a sporty twist on a pair of linen shorts and sandals.


At Oliver Spencer, we make our t-shirts with this versatility front and centre in our minds, because a great t-shirt should be able to do everything you ask of it. We've curated some of our favourites here that we feel elevate your holiday wardrobe and give you myriad styling options when packing light. Enjoy!

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