How To Master Transitional Style

When the weather is temperamental in these early months, versatility is key. That’s why layering with transitional pieces will tick all the style boxes while remaining completely functional too. Combine technical outwear with traditional natural fibres and you can't go wrong.

transitional style

This time of year poses a perennial style conundrum: Spring-Summer collections have launched but the weather isn’t getting the hint. The solution is to layer your look with a combination of technical lightweight fabrics and mid-weight natural fibres to ensure you’ve got all bases covered. Fabrics like cotton and wool do an excellent job at temperature regulation while technical outerwear pieces such as our Grandpa coat offer protection from the elements, while also being lightweight and hence easy to stow away in a bag when you're on the move.

transitional style

You'll want to keep your colour palette neutral so that each of you layers holds its own within the entire look - think about incorporating navy, green, grey and off-white hues. Avoid overly chunky knits unless you're a masochist - there's nothing worse than melting under a thick cable knit when you're indoors. Instead, go for a fine-gauge crew or even a cardigan that you can button up or down to reveal a contrast tee. Bookend the look with some Paraboots - functional enough to handle any terrain but perfectly smart too.




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