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A good shirt pays dividends. We have crafted grandad shirts, tab collar shirts, classic spread collars and more using a block that we have spent many moons perfecting — neither too slim nor baggy; long enough to be worn untucked but also to allow for tucking in when the need arises. Together with myriad collars styles, you'll find the perfect shirt for any occasion or environment at Oliver Spencer.


Autumn and winter layering doesn’t get much easier than an overshirt. With the structure of a shirt but the functionality of a lightweight jacket, Oliver Spencer’s overshirts are non-negotiable in a stylish modern wardrobe.

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Organic Cotton Shirts

We have always made every effort to reduce our environmental footprint. From organic shirting to eco-friendly packaging, we take our responsibility as a clothing brand extremely seriously. The provenance of fabric is critical and it’s why we regularly visit each and every supplier to ensure our processes are aligned. 

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White Shirts

If there was ever a common denominator in every man's wardrobe it is the white shirt. It's the unsung hero of sartorialism, but for a long time the white shirt fell victim to cheap manufacture and uniformity. Our white shirts are different. Constructed from soft organic cotton and with a casual edge, they are not chained to the office but instead are perfect to wear with our casual tailoring.

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