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Luxurious Alpinism

Oct 11, 2019

Whether it be deluxe fabrics, the highest production standards or simply beautiful design, we have put a particular focus on quality this season at Oliver Spencer.

The finest fabrics have been sourced from mills in the UK, Portugal and Italy; and this season even includes an exclusive seersucker-like wool, the Heaton, designed by Oliver himself which has been used on the Solms jacket and Judo pant.

Being an independent brand, we are able to oversee each stage of the construction and production process, keeping production runs low so every single detail is managed in order to deliver well-crafted, long-lasting and sustainable clothing.

Oliver Spencer’s relaxed take on traditional men’s style is prevalent throughout the design process this season with easy silhouettes reflecting the luxe feel and comfort that comes through in the rich velvets, fine wools and soft cottons.

A contemporary take on the classic double-breasted overcoat and an all-encompassing eight-button pea coat are introduced this season in heavy lamb’s wool. With a conscious effort in mind to reduce our carbon footprint, we have introduced our Cleveland cloth; an undyed, ecological wool that turns these classic pieces into ethically designed garments. 

Several trousers in this season’s collection have been constructed from suiting fabrics, which gives them an edge over your stereotypical winter trouser making it feel effortless to look sophisticated when getting dressed. A Fair Isle design appears on a range of jacquard knits including a  heavy zip-through cardigan to shield you from the cold. 

Inspired by an age of elegant travel and the alpine landscape, the collection effortlessly balances bold colours such as bright navy blue and forest green with rich tones including dark greys, sand and a bold ochre. A reflection of the journey from the foot of the mountain to the skiing towns and villages of the Alps.

Alpine Essentials

From our earliest days, we’ve adopted a business model that incorporates environmental and social responsibility at every step. Each season, we increase the proportion of ecological, organic and recycled fabrics and will continue to do so until they represent the entirety of our collections. We also ring-fence a proportion of our revenue to put towards planting trees with the Woodland Trust.


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