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On The Fringe

Aug 16, 2018

Since it was established in 1947, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe has become the go to location to see the best talent from both established and up and coming performers. The beauty of the festival is that it allows a platform for an incredibly diverse range of acts from across the U.K and beyond. It is a place for young aspiring, actors, comedians, dancers, singers, musicians and many more to come and showcase their talent to the thousands of people who flock to Edinburgh for the festivities each year.

With over three thousand shows on over the course of the month, it is hard to know what to watch and find the performances you will enjoy. However our good friend and comedian Cassie Atkinson, has provided us with her top comedy picks of the Fringe this year from the free fringe and some of the ticketed events (her own show is a must see!).

Cassie Atkinson – ‘Swan Songs’: Cassie’s show is a musical comedy that makes best use of her wicked dark humour; described as “a combination between Flight of the Concords and Julia Davies”.

Owen Roberts - ‘I Let a Six-Year-Old Write My Show’: "After a severe case of writer's block, Owen has thrown caution to the wind and decided to let a child write his show for him. Kids are funny, right? What could possibly go wrong?"

Phil Jupitus is Porky the Poet in ‘Living in a World Where They Throw the Ducks at the Bread’: "Porky’s back at the Free Fringe and in rare form after two UK tours supporting The Lovely Eggs as well as his alter ego Phill Jupitus, whom he’s not really that fond of. Let’s just say that since Nevermind the Buzzcocks was cancelled, the scales have shifted in poetry’s favour. There will be new works, evergreen favourites and some occasional guests."

Rosie Jones - ‘Fifteen Minutes’: "Rosie Jones is a comedian with a penchant for being mischievous. Her cerebral palsy doesn't slow her down in the slightest. Catch her before she wobbles her way to stardom!"

Shows for children: If you have decided to take your kids with or are stuck for things to do with a young niece or nephew, then the Fringe has a plethora of shows for all ages. Like the rest of the Fringe, they range from the intriguing to the absurd and everything in between. Follow the link here to see some of the great shows that are coming up.

Man sits on a dirty sofa as he performs a scene from 'Trainspotting'

Aside from the Fringe, if you are visiting Edinburgh then you will not be disappointed when it comes to things to do. If you’re a lover of art then The Talbot Rice Gallery, which adjoins the University of Edinburgh, showcases international contemporary art and often works with the University to allow students access to the archives and to collaborate on projects together. Our pick is the Lucy Skaer exhibition; ‘The Green Man’which uses materials and objects from the archive collections at the UoE and looks to find the often hidden aspects of the collection and makes intuitive leaps between them and her own work.

With all of Edinburgh’s culture to take in over the Festival month, it’s hard to not get hungry and want to take shelter from the creative madness on the streets. The Outsider is our recommendation for culinary delights. Their contemporary menu for lunch and dinner is complemented by their laid back and well thought out interiors, which makes for a brilliant dining experience. Definitely worth checking out.

If you’re wanting retail therapy then our stockists Frontiers are located on Stafford Street. As well as Oliver Spencer they have some great brands that are difficult to find elsewhere in Scotland. Be sure to pop in if you are in the area.

Pieces of work lay on the floor in the Talbot Rice Gallery


What to wear in Edinburgh


Image one - © Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Image two - © Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society

Image three - Lucy Skaer, La Chasse 2015-18 (detail). Part of ‘The Green Man’. Courtesy Talbot Rice Gallery Photo: Ruth Clark

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