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Behind the Scenes at Soho House White City

Nov 25, 2019

Earlier this month we caught up with Soho House duo, Gus Haughton and Ollie Jones at their ‘White City’ members club to let them preview our new Winter arrivals. Hear about their take on men’s style, their favourite places to eat and drink, and the ultimate hangover cure!

Describe your personal style

Gus I don’t really deviate from simple and clean designs; I don't like patterns. I do have a consideration for sustainability when shopping - I am wearing Veja sneakers today! I am conscious of how and what I buy – it has to be comfortable. I also tend to only shop in only a few places.

Ollie I’m quite a clothes fiend. My family think I’m addicted. This weekend alone I bought tartan trousers from Favourbrook and an Oliver Spencer suit – honestly! At the moment I’m enjoying loose trousers and love an elasticated waist. Loose and easy, though stylish. Big fan of winter coats too so I’m glad winter is coming!

Object you’d never part with…

Gus My suit from Richard James. I bought it for my 20th Birthday party and I still wear it a few times a year. I’m very happy it still fits!

Ollie I had a beautiful, engraved watch that was taken when I was burgled so I am already parted from the one thing I never wanted to be! I wear two rings that I am a big fan of and I couldn’t imagine my life with out.

Last music you downloaded…

Gus Lewis Capaldi, Leon Bridges, Carole King.

Ollie Watch the throne – Jay Z and Kanye. I listen to a lot of Oasis on Spotify, my last searches on Spotify were Amy Winehouse, Drake, Alt J and Diana Ross.

Favourite festival

Both Glastonbury – it’s the only festival! It’s magical, nothing else matters whilst you are there.

Favourite restaurant / last supper

Gus River Café – it’s where Ollie and I met. I’ve eaten in some memorable places around the world, but River Café has such a special feel and the best food so I feel you can’t top it!

Ollie River Café for me too, when I worked there it's where I fell in love with food. I do love Saturday lunch at Lyle’s though. I used to work there and James and John are the best in the game. Also, La Soucoupe – I have had some memorable skiing lunches here with my family.

Miracle hangover cure

Gus In this order…Hard green juice, Berocca, cup of tea, bloody Mary and then a pint.

Ollie No, in this order. Nurofen (before you go to bed), Berocca (in the morning), Lucozade orange sport (on the way to work) and the ultimate trick if I’m not working is having a shandy.

Thank you to Soho House for having us and to Gus Haughton and Ollie Jones for being excellent models. 

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