Winter is coming... cue the Newington coat

Well, actually winter is here right now, but we couldn't resist the Game of Thrones reference. After a positively balmy first week of November, the mercury has nosedived into the unforgiving single figures, which itself has ushered in the need to level up your outerwear. Those blousons and lightweight jackets you were rocking through Autumn just won't cut it against the 'Beast from the East' and his cold comrades.

Cue the Newington coat, one of Oli's very first winter-ready silhouettes. It's a double-breasted behemoth of a jacket, this season cut from a dense Italian jumbo cotton corduroy cloth for a rich and tactile finish, and fleece-lined for blast-furnace warmth. It's part coat and part blanket, impervious to the cold, and comes in two colours - a rich brown and a deep navy.



Oli was part inspired by a flea market find he made way back in 1997 in New York. Anyone who knows NYC in the winter will understand just how pernicious the cold wind can be, whistling up and down the Manhattan grid. As a matter of necessity, Oli came across a double-breasted jacket of substantial proportions and bought it instantly. It fast became his favourite piece of outerwear and inspired what you see here - our Newington coat.



Styling-wise, both colours of the Newington are a dream to assimilate into your winter wardrobe. The navy version naturally works well with other blue hues if you like that tonal look, or you can pair it with an autumnal palette of green, brown and ochre. The brown version is great to contrast with darker clothing, but we especially like styling it with similar brown tones, and neutral colours such as cream, grey, white, tan and beige. 

That's before we even start talking about the textural quality of the Italian jumbo corduroy. The classic tactile fabric has been on a tear in recent seasons, and why not? It boast a beautiful dense pile that brings something fresh and interesting to a contemporary look. The fact that we've lined ours in fleece just adds to its dimensions, making it feel substantial and protective, like a big hug.


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