The Art of Transitional style

The Art of Transitional style

The spring months, as beautiful as they can be, pose a perennial problem when it comes to menswear due to the nature of the weather, at least here in the UK. Cold morning commutes, followed by warm blue sky afternoons, bookended by chilly nights. And then there's the more than occasional rain to contend with. All these factors are precisely why layered outfits are perfect for moving into spring. However, there is a knack to layering in order to be both stylish and comfortable in changeable weather. Go too heavy and you turn into a sweaty mess; too light and you're a shivering wreck, so on a purely functional level you need to think carefully about the fabrics you choose, combining them in a modern way. Style-wise, having multiple layered elements to your look also enables you to match up or contrast different textures and colours to create a cohesive outfit.


Grandpa Raincoat
Penpol Black

Brook Shirt Mullins
Denim Indigo Light

Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Braemar Cream/Navy

The primary key to it all is outerwear, which should invariably be light in weight. This doesn't necessarily mean that all you can wear is cotton and linen. In fact a lightweight wool blouson is an excellent regulator of temperature, yet most of the time you're going to want to opt for cotton cloths or technical water-repellent fabrics. Linen is a great option for later in the spring season as you transition into summer.

Hythe Mentality


Hythe Jacket
Bevan Ochre

Brook Shirt
Finlay Multi

Pleated Trousers
Malin Beige

One such cotton jacket that we've created this season in the Hythe. 
A new silhouette for Spring 23, the Hythe jacket is a lightweight organic cotton twill jacket with a four pocket configuration (with an additional pen pocket) reminiscent of old-school safari shirts. It's cut from a beautifully soft organic cotton with a slight stretch to it for comfort and a traditional turn-down collar. It's part chore jacket, part artist jacket, part safari tribute, and it's so easy to layer it over a tee or a shirt with some chinos or jeans for a sophisticated weekend fit. We've produced it in a rich ochre tone. We have also produced it in an earthy green linen fabric, too, which will be ideal through the back end of spring and the early part of summer.

For right now however, you'd do well to invest in the 'Penpol' version. Exactly the same silhouette, only crafted from a unique water-repellent cotton cloth for a functional and contemporary look. Extremely lightweight and with a dry handle, it brings a unique texture to your transitional outfits, and is available in navy and dark green options. We've also used the Penpol fabric in our lightweight belted raincoat, another important spring shape that adds a longer silhouette, and of course weather functionality.

Technical Smarts


Langar Bomber Jacket
Penpol Dark Green

New York Special
Shirt Marcus Blue

Blenheim Jumper
Picard Cream

As we mentioned above, spring weather in the UK can sometimes appear as though it's just trying to wind you up, and you can never be too assured that rain isn't far away. Technical fabrics then, such as our Penpol and Selsey cloths are a godsend when it comes to functional layering and keeping the elements at bay. The Penpol has been used in our new Hythe jacket as well as the belted Grandpa coat and the Langar bomber jacket which you see above, whereas the Selsey is more of a substantial water-repellent cloth, replete with Climaloft recycled thermal insulation to keep you warm on those days and nights when sitting in the pub garden turns out to be colder than it looks. We've used the Selsey cloth in our Bembridge funnel neck jacket, as well as a gilet and parka silhouette, so you've got all style bases covered, no matter the weather.

Non-Negotiable Lightweight Knits 


Grandpa Raincoat
Penpol Dark Green

Penhale Knitted Polo
Shirt Carter Orange

Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Braemar Navy/Green

Knitted fabrics are a brilliant way to introduce a subtle textural plane to your spring transitional look. Not only do they keep you warm, but they also provide a tactile element to contrast and complement the smoother fabrics of your outerwear and trousers. Knitwear is also a very effective way to inject colour and pattern into your fits. Our perennial Blenheim jumper is one such example. It features rib-knitted collar and comes in a classic silhouette. Our 'Turner' style is an ode to the Breton jersey thanks to the stripes, and we've constructed it in a cotton and linen blend that is light but still has a reassuringly weighty drape. It's a great addition to your wardrobe, whether it's worn with a polo and chinos, or on its own with relaxed drawstring trousers or jeans, finished off with our Hyde Jacket or an overshirt.

Cardigans and Collars

Cardigans are the secret weapon when it comes to spring transitional layering because that button down front allows for a much better view of the various layers you have going on. Our Roxwell knitted jackets are for all intents and purposes cardigans with turned-down collars to give them a smarter but nonetheless preppy edge, and are great worn above a striped tee, and below a plain blouson. The Roxwell is available in orange and navy styles, both constructed from a super soft linen and cotton blend. If the preppy cardigan isn't your thing, another expressive way to layer with knitwear is by opting for different collar styles. So think about a knitted polo with a three-button placket, or something with a mock turtle neck, or even a laid back resort collar to add something different.

Underrated Overshirts

Organic cotton shirts are a no brainer for spring looks given they are lightweight, soft and an easy match with relaxed tailoring or more casual silhouettes. But one often overlooked variant is the overshirt, which can be worn as as you would a short jacket or blouson, but also as a layer beneath a coat. As an outer layer, they're a breeze to wear over a tee or long-sleeve sweater, or you can double-up on collars and pair with a shirt. Our linen and cotton blend Treviscoe shirts are a must-have for transitional looks thanks to the slubby textural cloth. We've made them in beige, black with tonal stripes, rich dark green, and an indigo-dyed navy blue.  


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