Oliver J Woods Interview | Pop Up Grooming Studio


This month we have partenered with Oliver J Woods (hairdresser to the stars) to host a pop-up male grooming salon in the basement of our Notting Hill Store. This grooming studio is open to anyone Monday to Sunday by appointment only.

Oliver Spencer just so happened to need a hair cut so we arranged that OJW cut OS's hair... and this is how it went

Tell me about what you do, and how you started?

I'm a session hairdresser now but basically it’s just hairdressing with perks..I got into hairdressing through an old girlfriend who managed to get me into a very fashionable salon in Leeds in the late 80’s and loved it straight away and became qualified very quickly,unfortunately the girlfriend didn’t last very long either with me or the salon.


Have you got one moment that sticks out as a moment you got your big break?

Zoe ball front cover of SKY magazine in the late nineties,which in-turn lad to me getting an agent

What made you want to develop your own product range?

I had an idea since I began hairdressing that my own range of products would be the ultimate in my profession and that given all I had done it would some sort of legacy I could leave behind.


What has influenced the scents and aromas you’ve decided to incorporate?

A trip to Marrakesh and the smells through that market we’re the only smells I could think of as I love that strong sort of old man kind of scent.

What do you like to get up to in your spare time?

Im a huge fan of boxing and shopping both I do to excess all the time.

What would you recommend doing in London?

I know it’s cliched but the VA museum is by far the most interesting thing to see in London

What do you think of the new OS collection?

It has the signature looks of old but a more casual approach which I love..

Who is your all time style Icon?

I'm a big fan of Pharrell Williams but David Niven wins hands down!


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