Customer Profile: Miles Copeland - Wonderful Sound

Part of our ongoing series of interviews with Oliver Spencer customers and friends. We met up with Miles Copeland, music company and record label owner  at Wonderfulsound.

Tell me about what you do and how you started?

Records were always being played in my house when I was growing up. I remember spending a lot of time mucking about with the record player which had a built in tape machine. Recording small bits of songs over and over.. pressing pause doing it again.. Sampling I suppose before I even realised what sampling was. Things haven’t changed much really.


I run a music company / record label called WONDERFULSOUND. Working closely alongside Creative Directors at media companies and Fashion houses. The work consists of composing tailored made soundtracks, consulting with Fashion Brands their sonic identity and working closely with Creative Directors curating the music for fashion shows.

After a couple years studying a Sound Art course  at Clerkenwell’s London College of Print,I formed a band called The Superimposers and launched a record label under the same umbrella. The label snowballed into the roster of Artists that currently live at WONDERFULSOUND.


Label Roster

Lee Southall (Ex The Coral), John Stammers, Nev Cottee, The Severed Limb, Luca Nieri, Angelina, The Kramford Look, The Monks Kitchen, Colorama, J-Walk, Simon Lord, ZOOEY and of course my old imprint The Superimposers.

The label consists of like minded individuals making music from across the spectrum, whether it’s acoustic or electronic, analogue or digital.. It’s not one genre.. but it all sits together as one (yup you guessed it).. WONDERFULSOUND.

The WONDERFULSOUND Libraries is a fortnightly show on Thursday Mornings at Soho Radio that I present, curate & produce. An opportunity to reflect my passion and obsession for melody, sound and atmosphere smothered in pop sensibilities!


The Sea organ record you produced must’ve been such an interesting project to work on, how did you find out about it/why did you want to record it?

The sea organ is a 70 ft sound installation played by the sea in Zadar,Croatia. Designed by Nicola Basic as a post WW2 arts project, it fascinated me and drove me to record it whilst spending time there at a music festival. I’ve been trying to find a backer for a London Sea Organ ever since.............!


Any projects in the pipeline, what’s next?

There’s been 8 LPs released since December 2016,one of which (John Stammers) I co-produced. And there’s one more to go from Manchester’s J-Walk before the years out. A new music project which will be a collaboration,but also a celebration of all the really talented people I am so lucky to be able to work with on the label. One of my passions is creating music, the extensive workload brought on by the label has limited my studio time, soI am now ready to get back in the studio and record.The fashion shows are scheduled in for Jan & Feb plus I never know what is round the corner. Which is what is truly fantastic about my life.. crazy, brilliant things materialise...


What do you get up to in your spare time?

Spare time!! There is no ‘spare time’. However, currently.... Early mornings, Spitalfields Thursday Market. Monmouth’s Black Filter Coffee. Soho. Record Shops. Clothes.Listening. The Eagle.

What do you recommend doing in London, what is your London?

All of the above.. I love London.. It’s changing a lot at the moment and sometimes it is unsettling but London’s full of unique and creative characters...some stay and some go...The creativity, culture & diversity will always thrive here.


How did you come across Oliver Spencer?

When he opened a shop on my street! I think Oliver needed some advice about a forthcoming runway show and we just hit it off. Since then I have been fortunate enough to be involved with the music aspect of the brand, producing the shows,DJ'ing pre show music and composing for promo films.

What is your favourite Oliver Spencer purchase?

The Brown Buffalo Suede button through jacket. I love that thing.. I’ve worn it to death and it’s aged so well. It feels like a proper vintage piece now!

The OS x Mr Porter Capsule Collection is inspired by Pulp front man Jarvis Cocker. How important is music to fashion and vice versa?

When I was younger, Music and Fashion always influenced me and my friends.. it felt 2nd nature for the two to go hand in hand. A pair of 2nd hand Big E 501 Levi’s and the latest Record purchase... that’s all we wanted.Can you imagine Fashion Week without any music! A successful musician friend once said to me when I told him we had a new bass player in the band .. “What’s he like?” so i said “Yeah he’s a really good player” to which he replied “Yeah yeah, but what’re his clothes like?


To check out the Oliver Spencer x Mr Porter capsule collection, click here

Photography: Gray Brame -

Or click here to visit the Wonderfulsound website.

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