Escape in Style: What to wear for your summer getaway…

As the summer months roll around and that much needed break draws tantalisingly near, it's easy to leave 'what to wear' until the last minute. Luckily, we've got you covered. We've picked out a few pieces to wear to 3 potential summer vacations, that'll keep you cool in every sense of the word.

The City Break

Getting away to a nearby European city can be an ideal bit of respite during a busy summer. Places like Berlin cater for everyone, from the vibrant nightlife filled with house music and unique bars/clubs, to the wealth of historical landmarks, innovative architecture and burgeoning art scene. Stick with lightweight jackets, plenty of pockets and easy, loose cuts for all that traipsing around in search of hidden gems.





The Beach Holiday

When all you want/need is to be horizontal, in the sun for a couple of weeks, then there’s no other option but to head for the beach. Bali is a beautiful option for retreat, which caters for scuba diving and jungle excursions as well as your much needed rest & recuperation. Drawstring shorts and minimal tees are a must for lounging about in the heat, and be sure to keep your eyes protected with slick pair of sunglasses.




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The Summer Wedding

We all know you can’t depend on the British weather, so when a wedding is on the cards, it’s understandable for the bride and groom to play it safe and head south for 'the big day’. Summer weddings in the likes of Tuscany call for comfortable, elegant attire, as you sample the local culinary delights . Coping with the heat alone for a formal occasion can be tricky but, opt for a linen suit and a soft lightweight polo that'll strike the right balance between aesthetics, movement and breathability.




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