Lambs Conduit Street - Rugby Estate 450th Anniversary

450 years ago the Rugby School was bequeathed the land surrounding Lambs Conduit St. and have maintained the area ever since. This year the estate are celebrating this landmark with the unveiling of a plaque and a street party on 28th April. We thought it an opportunity to delve in to the neighbourhood and celebrate all that is necessary and great about Lambs Conduit Street.

In 2008, Oliver Spencer chose Lambs Conduit Street for a shop, a studio and a handsome garden in the heart of London. Sharing a mutual accord as well as a street with some of the most interesting and unique retailers in London, we quickly found a home and became part of a history that stretches a long way back in to the annals of London’s literary, political and social history. Following is a quick overview of the area and why we think it’s the best street in London.


The benevolent William Lamb was afforded the naming rights to the street after funding the connection of several springs in to a conduit for a crowded area of London at Snow Hill. The Conduit, rebuilt - following a very famous fire - to Sir Christopher Wren’s specifications in 1667, is now commemorated at Long Acre Yard next to an Oliver Spencer favourite, Quattro Stagioni: Ciao Bella.

Famous residents of the surrounding area have included Charles Dickens, John Milton, the scandalous Chevalier D’Eon and, if rumor is to be believed above fact then Oliver Cromwell – or portions of The Protector – permanently resides underneath the Red Lion Square. Surely though the award for the greatest contributor to British life is the defeater of the inclement, the guiding light of the permanently drenched: John Hanway holds the extraordinary title of the first gentleman to use an umbrella on these fair isles.

Contemporary life in Lambs Conduit is a mingle of Cafés – Sid’s for a bacon butty, La Gourmandina has sublime lasagna, Knockbox bread and donuts from St. Johns; Restaurants – Noble Rot has a vast and varied wine list where food plays second fiddle (though gains as much acclaim), the beautiful, marbled Cigala supplier of the finest croquettes to Oliver Spencer parties and the aforementioned Ciao Bella where seafood in a bag is a particular staff favourite; Pubs – The Lamb boasts rare examples of ‘snob screens’  and is purportedly where Ted Hughes first met Sylvia Plath. So, there's definitely plenty of places to satisfy every appetite, whatever time of day it is.

This Friday (28 April 2017), you can join us at our 58 & 62 Lambs Conduit Street stores from 12 noon onwards for red/white anniversary wine, a bite to eat and best of all free Oliver Spencer gift with any purchase.

There’s a plaque unveiling at 6pm, a giant cake unveiling soon after, plus, a marching band, orchestral members from the Rugby School and a chorus of drums all performing at regular intervals throughout the day. A delightful day is to be had by all and we'd love for you to join us.

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