Customer Profile: Paul Albert

Part of our ongoing series of interviews with Oliver Spencer customers and friends. We met Paul Albert in his home for a cup of tea and a chat.

Paul has been a film producer for over 25 years, and has worked across a range of projects from digital advertising to television. We caught up with his at his home to discuss his wardrobe essentials and his obsession with all things indigo.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

How did you first come across Oliver Spencer?

I remember picking up a navigator jacket for the first time and thinking: this is just the sort of jacket I’ve been looking for! And, yeah, I’ve been around ever since. I stay in touch with various members of the team. It’s nice to see how they’ve grown from a customer's point of view, and how the brand as evolved as it's grown. I like the fact it’s stayed true all the years; it feels like a family environment.


Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

Is there anything in your wardrobe you couldn’t do without?

There are probably two things actually: my indie boots which I’ve had for a long time, as worn by Harrison Ford in Indiana Jones. Classic boot. The other is a hat, which was made for me by a guy out in California. I’ve got two of them and they’re the only bespoke things I’ve had made for me. He’s now a friend of mine and has gone on to be extremely successful with his hat making.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

I notice you're sporting a handsome pair of our indigo Judo Pants. You're a fan of the style?

I love indigo in general, I have a book about it. I’ve got a bit of an obsession. I like how the Indigo Kildale fabric fades with wear. I’ve also got the super light ones in this fabric and then some cord ones. The cord ones are cool and really easy. They’re great for looking smart but also if you need something about more casual. I like that they’re loose fitting.


Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

Tell me about your tattoos

A few have been done at a shop called Good Times on Curtain Road. My neighbour works there, Matt Black – he’s brilliant and fully covered. He’s constantly booked up. I was lucky enough to get some done in The States – I got one done in January, it’s one of my wife’s drawings.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

And finally, what is your most treasured Oliver Spencer purchase?

I hate this word gilet, but I’ve got a really nice gilet with a wool shawl collar from a few seasons ago. It’s really good: handy for layering and perfect if you’re on set a lot. I also ride a scooter, so it’s perfect for layering and has lots of pockets. Definitely a wardrobe mainstay.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait Paul Albert

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