New Season Loungewear

As the season of boxsets and lazy Sundays is upon us, your thoughts might be turning to what to wear while you reassure Netflix that yes, you are still watching. Step forward our new lounge collection.

Designed to be your staple home clothing, these are the comforting pieces that you put on at the weekend to signal a break from work. This modern interpretation of lounge wear is luxury in its most simple form.

Oli's focus when designing this collection was on soft, wearable fabrics. His personal favourite is the supima cotton, describing it as the closest cotton gets to silk. From the perfect white tee, to the pyjama bottoms you can't wait to change into, our lounge collection has your relaxation covered.

Here is Oli to tell you more in this video:

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Oliver Spencer

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

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