Customer Profile: Joseph Seresin

Part two of on our ongoing series of features on Oliver Spencer customers: Joseph Seresin is a London-based photographer, working across fashion, beauty, and portraiture. We visited him at his home to chat music, travel, and his favourite London hangouts.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

What are you wearing today?

Two of my favourite items out of many Oliver Spencer pieces that I own; a pair of trousers from last summer with a pleat front in a linen/cotton mix. I love the cut of the trousers, it’s a slightly wider leg which is perfect for the warmer months. The shirt is an Eton Collar which is probably my favourite shirt style from Oliver Spencer. I'm a fan of the rounded collar and the shirt has an unusual texture to it. That’s what I look for in Oli’s clothing. Obviously he does basics really well, but there’s always something interesting with a beautiful fabric, colour or detail. I think the brand has become more adventurous as it's grown and that is to be applauded.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

Can you tell me about your work?

I would say my heart is in portraiture and documentary work but when I started assisting photographers it was for the most part in fashion and beauty. I've actually found that I really enjoy shooting both and it’s something that comes quite naturally having had the privilege of learning the ropes from some great people. I travel when I can for personal work, looking for anything that catches my eye.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

What are your favourite London haunts?
Though a West Londoner by birth most of my socialising probably tends to be in East London; it’s where I work regularly and tend to meet friends. I do like a good pub and off the top of my head the The Scolt Head is a nice spot. There are a couple of more old fashioned honest pubs near me like the Warrington and Warwick Castle which I head to sometimes.

I DJed for years so clubs were very much in my DNA growing up, but not anymore. The party I loved most from the past ten years was Low Life, which was down in Corsica Studios. I haven’t really found anything that filled that void because inevitably when I go to clubs now I feel like an old fart!

As for food spots, I like trying new things and the food culture in this city has infinitely improved in my lifetime. There's a tapas place called Salt Yard which I've always had a good experience at. For a very rare treat, the food at Roka is sublime. And I was introduced to a fantastic little vegetarian Indian restaurant in Turnpike Lane which is delicious.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

What sort of music did you used to DJ? 

My motto was always: I would play anything as long as it was good but obviously that is completely subjective. I played a pretty broad selection of music but mainly house, disco, funk, old latin stuff and dabbled in a few other things that pleased my ears. I still buy the odd record but the last few years I have been catching up on a lot of back catalogue music I never really played when I was DJing; I suppose you could call it pop music, to use a broad term.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

And finally, what is your favourite Oliver Spencer purchase?

That would probably have to be the Fisher jacket which was the first ever piece of Oliver Spencer clothing I bought back in 2009. I don't think it left my back my back for the first six months I had it. I don’t really wear it anymore, it’s more of a keepsake I suppose. Maybe I should get it framed? The fabric is waxed cotton so it grows with you; the more you wear it, the more character it takes on.

Oliver Spencer - Portaits joseph seresin

You can view some of Joe's photography on his website.

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