Customer Profile: Jeremy Lee

As part of a new series, we’d like to introduce our customer profile of Jeremy Lee. Getting to know our customers is what we love the most, so each month we’ll be talking to someone new to find out more about them and why they like our clothes.

Jeremy Lee is chef and co-founder of Quo Vadis: a restaurant, bar, bakery, and private members' club based in Soho. We caught up with him at his favourite pub in Soho to chat about clothes and cooking.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

What are you wearing today?

My jeans were bought at Anthem on Calvert Avenue when in partnership with Oliver Spencer. They are made by R2. Then a nice pretty blue jacket from Toast, plus what was described by Oliver Spencer as a denim jacket, but I feel like it has more in common with linen. It’s an amazing great favourite that I’ve had for years. I always know when the autumn turns and I can pop it back on again.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

That jacket I’ve had for at least 5, 6 or 7 years. Something like that. It’s been a friend for a long time. It’s had a good innings and I haven’t trashed it yet. All favourite coats look better when they’re a bit worn, and Oliver Spencer garments age so beautifully.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

Is there anything in your wardrobe you couldn’t live without?

Very good jeans. I like Japanese jeans. And very good shirts are an amazing comfort. I’ve worn a lot of Oliver Spencer shirts over the years. You’re so good at making the right shape shirts: they’re beautifully made, and they’re beautifully tailored.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

Would you be able to tell me about yourself and what you do?

I’m a cook, and always have been since I was a teenager. I somehow miraculously lasted through great apprenticeships and stumbled into it. Always by accident. Over the years I became a curious cook who worked with some very good people. And then by various happenings I went into partnership with Sam and Eddie and we started Quo Vadis. So I cooked in Soho 25 years ago and now it’s very nice to be back.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

How did you first come across Oliver Spencer?

I remember finding Oliver Spencer on Lambs Conduit Street, as I used to go there to the restaurants and bars. The shirts always have that little dart, which I love, and there’s a little red thread on the bottom button. Great buttons, which I appreciate very much: there’s nothing worse than buying a nice shirt and finding awful buttons. Very good collars, and I really love the long shirts he’s started doing. I’ve got a couple.

Oliver Spencer customer portrait - Jeremy Lee

Why did you choose the location today?

It’s my favourite pub in Soho and in the West end. The only one I ever come to.

And finally, where else do you like to eat?

St John in Clerkenwell, Rochelle Canteen on Arnold Circus, and I love The Marksman on Hackney Road, that’s brilliant. Tonkotsu on Dean Street: when I’m not at the shop I pop there for peace and quiet and a bowl of noodles, which is very nice. It’s amazing, favourite restaurants are a bit like your favourite book or film. Timing, lighting, and movements are important.

Quo Vadis celebrates its 90th birthday this November. Find out more at

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