Backstage Oliver Spencer 2017

Here's an an exclusive look at backstage imagery from our SS17 collection.

2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_114 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_117 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_128 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_135 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_173 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_228 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_256 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_296 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_334 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_338 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_358 2016_06_08_REBEKAH_WAINWRIGHT_SHOT_01_387 2016_06_10_OS_LCM_SS17_SHOT_02_018 2016_06_10_OS_LCM_SS17_SHOT_02_085

Grooming by Johnnie Sapong at Jed Root using Bumble and bumble and Dr Hauschka.

Images taken by Joseph Seresin.

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