The Inspiration behind the Lounge Collection

Oli's Lounge Inspiration

My Lounge Collection is for men who want comfort without compromising on style. Off-duty clothing that’s designed with relaxation in mind — but still looks great. Ideal for travel, for working from home, for evenings, weekends and holidays.

I decided to design this collection when I realised that if I wanted to dress for pure comfort, I risked ending up wearing an assortment of old t-shirts, misshapen joggers and mysteriously stained jumpers. All very well, until someone drops round unannounced — or the milk runs out — or the dog needs a walk…

The Lounge Collection fills that gap in my wardrobe (perhaps yours too). First up, it’s very, very comfortable. I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to change into this stuff at the end of the day. Premium cotton, cashmere and wool yarns picked for their softness, in a casual, wearable construction. But the clothes are also designed with a sartorial eye, and with that attention to detail and cut that I know our customers expect of us.

So you can finally relax without sacrificing style — and without fear of alarming any unexpected visitors.

Oliver Spencer Loungewear

Fabrics that feel fantastic

We’ve selected a range of fabrics, all chosen for an exceptional feel on the skin. Gently brushed cottons such as the ‘Wessex’ are soft and warm thanks to the raised cotton fibres, while our ‘House’ Crew & Joggers feature a touch of cashmere for an exceptional finish, along with a super-soft brushed back fleece interior.

Closeup of Cotton/Cashmere

Meanwhile, our ‘Comfort’ range uses a premium Supima cotton, grown in the US and world-famed for its fine texture, softness and durability. The staple length of this cotton is 35% longer, substantially improving the strength and lifespan of the resulting fabric – and allowing for a finer and lighter weave.

Closeup of Supima Cotton

Cut and constructed for comfort

Fits are relaxed — designed to allow flexibility of movement without constriction or irritation. Not only perfect for lazy evenings on the sofa, but also ideal for long journeys, especially long-haul flights.

Simple but sophisticated styling

The Lounge Collection is designed as a capsule — with garments that are easy to mix, match and layer. If you’re heading out of the house, throw on a jacket without sacrificing comfort. Or on colder evenings, warm up with the contemporary stylings of a lounge coat: the 21st century’s answer to a smoking jacket.

The Lounge Collection is available online and in store. At this time of year, a welcome excuse for a few quiet nights in — or the perfect gift. Shop the Lounge Collection, or browse the lookbook.

Oliver Spencer Loungewear

From our earliest days, we’ve adopted a business model that incorporates environmental and social responsibility at every step. Each season, we increase the proportion of ecological, organic and recycled fabrics and will continue to do so until they represent the entirety of our collections. We also ring-fence a proportion of our revenue to put towards planting trees with the Woodland Trust.


Want to lower your wardrobe’s carbon footprint? Shop our sustainability edit now.

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