Oliver Spencer talks design with Wallpaper*!

Tuesday 16th October, Oliver Spencer was invited by Wallpaper Magazine to give a talk at London’s Istituto Marangoni for London’s annual Design Week!  The night, hosted by Wallpaper’s Editor-at-Large Suzanne Trocme, turned into a fascinating discussion and debate on the bridge between fashion and design.

Oliver stunned the audiences and ourselves by elucidating how design must be seen as an alternative way to leave one’s print on an era.

Emphasizing the difference between simple and good design, he also drew attention to the quality and excellence of UK manufacturing. Indeed the brand prides itself on its allegiance to a production that is mostly “made in England”, calling on giant high street retailers to return to their roots and invest in British manufacturing.

He also gave hope to the young audience calling on the need to nurture and promote young talent in order to build up tomorrow’s design team that will leave its own distinguishable mark on the generation to come.

Oliver Spencer

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

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