Oliver Spencer goes NUTS for CRONUTS!!

At Oliver Spencer HQ we found no better way to tackle the mid-week slump than with this utterly buttery delicacy on Wednesday morning! The Cronut, a jewel of a pastry, is just as hybrid as its creator - the New York based French “patissier” Dominique Ansel - standing as a cross between a French Croissant and the All American Donut. Re-read the last sentence as many times as you want, we kid you not.

Cronut 4

Having finally made its way from the other side of the Atlantic, we could not help ourselves from indulging in a cronut or two!

Cronut 2

A small number of London bakeries have mastered the daunting combination of flakiness and “dough-iness”, the one to take the Gold medal is however Cocomaya with three branches across London.

Their cronuts have run out as soon as they go on sale. Now that you have all the facts, do like us at Oliver Spencer and grab them before they’re gone!

Cronut 5

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