Fix Up Look Sharp

Oliver Spencer shirts are pretty versatile, styles like our Eton collar or New York special shirts being great examples of go anywhere do anything shirts. Sometimes, however, there are those occasions which require a little more formality, perhaps a wedding or a job interview, or even one of those days where you just feel like looking you’re in charge. The Oliver Spencer tailored shirts meet that requirement.

The collar slightly cut back, and thicker giving a more starched formal feel, looks great with or without a tie. The fit is spot on, neither too slim, nor too loose. The cuffs; due to popular demand remain the same as our other shirts, just a simple one button affair- save the cufflinks for Christmas eh!

Available in store and online here:

Oliver Spencer

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

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