How To Tie Your Shoe Laces

This is some excellent info if you find your shoe laces keep coming undone...

I recently discovered that I’ve been tying my shoe laces wrong for the past 15 years (I’m not 15 years old, just Velcro is far cooler than laces when you’re a child). There are various ways to tie your laces. The most common way being; make a loop with one lace, go around it with the other lace, push it through the hole and pull tight. Seems simple enough? However, if you find that your laces don’t sit evenly across the shoe and eventually work their way loose, panic knot!(yes, I did just do that joke, watch out Michael McIntyre...)

There is a really simple fix. When you go around the looped lace to form the bow, just go around in the other direction. Doing this will tie a correct Bow Knot which is a balanced, even knot. This will sit properly against your shoe and won’t come undone. The incorrect looping direction creates a Granny Knot which is an unbalanced knot, this won’t sit evenly on your shoe and comes undone easily. Alternatively, you can change the direction of the initial starting knot that is tied before the main Bow Knot, this will achieve the same result!

So, there you have it, we have changed your life forever. Now go preach to your friends and family and change their lives too! For more unbelievably mind boggling information on tying shoe laces, Ian Fieggen has dedicated a whole website to the cause. Find it at

Josh (shoe shop manager)

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