Allah Las

After first hearing a song from the Allah Las, it didn’t surprise me to hear they came from the sunny shores of California. With a truly laid back, never-ending summer vibe, super catchy hooks, and effortless harmonies the Allah Las are the band I had been looking for, but had just been hiding around the corner.

It’s always going to be a good day when you discover a new band and can’t stop playing their music, especially when at the time there were only two songs available. What makes my listening experience of the Allah Las music so enjoyable is the tonal quality of each instrument. It’s hard to beat the sound of a nicely dialled in Fender amp with just the right amount of reverb. It gives a certain chime and brightness which sets the feel of the music. This is supported by great percussion, which sits back on the beat and deep, warm bass for a truly classic vibe. Singer, Miles Michaud’s vocals couldn’t suit this band any better. His raspy vocal is both clear but also merges well with the rest of the band. It completes the band in the sense that it gives a raw, gritty edge to an otherwise quite pretty, sophisticated sound.

Unfortunately, the Allah Las are going to get criticised. Why? Well, because in the current climate of the music industry, originality is what people are looking for and apparently if you sound at all like any band that has come before, you are going to get looked down on. Which is a very sad thing, because this band have taken 60s West Coast Garage and perfected it. It is a pleasure to hear that genre of music done well with the technology available today. The problem with early 60s records is that the audio quality is not great. Also there were many bands jumping on the band wagon at the time, so there are a lot of songs out there that don’t quite make the cut. After half a century the Allah Las have been able to revisit the genre with the bonus of hindsight and produce songs that have greater structure, better quality and a fresh sound. They have really done the music proud.

The band have only just put out their second single ,”Tell Me (What’s On Your Mind)” b/w “Sacred Sands”on Innovative Leisure (a great label definitely worth checking out, home to Hanni El Khatib and Nick Waterhouse). The first pressing of their debut single “Catamaran” b/w “Long Journey”on Pres Records has sold out, but a second pressing is available via Innovative Leisure. They have just finished recording their debut album which is due to be released around Autumn time this year, I have no doubt it will be one of the best albums of the year and will certainly be stuck on my record player for a long time.

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