Nocturne Series

The Nocturne Series is a cycling festival come race event held yearly in Smithfield, London. It’s a one day event which climaxes with an Elite Race at night. The races are Criterium or Crits, which are races held on a short circuit for a length of time or for a number of laps. The design of the criteriu, makes for much more spectacular viewing than standard road racing. As the length of the race is shorter, riders reach higher average speeds and a greater level of intensity. The compact design of the course doesn’t let the pack spread out too much, meaning the racing is close, competitive and great to spectate.

There are also some light hearted events taking place including the Penny Farthing race around the circuit and the Fixed Gear Longest Skid competition. Local bars and restaurants are getting involved with the event with various promotions to get the festival atmosphere going. They will also be two expo areas with numerous displays and trade stands from the top names in the sport.

The event is free to attend, however if you want to go to the night with a bit more style and make the most of what the event has to offer I recommend getting tickets for the VIP area. Situated on the Start/Finish line it offers the best views of the course, there is even a Routemaster Bus to spectate from. The ticket also includes unlimited food and complimentary drinks all night long.

This summer is going to be a great year for cycling in England. If you haven’t managed to get tickets for the Velodrome at the Olympics, head down to the London Nocturne on 9th June to soak up the party atmosphere and enjoy some of cyclings finest going at it on the streets of Smithfield.

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