This is Canaan Land

When my time isn’t spent in various locations for Oliver Spencer, you could find me working at home within our recording studio hoping that one day music will be paying the larger percentage of my bills.  Not being completely satisfied with the lifestyle and music culture in Australia, my house/band mates and I made the move to London to pursue our collective dream; create music that will make all people, animals and living organisms bow down at our feet so we can rule the world… Or perhaps, just to create a feeling within us or maybe more importantly someone else.

You can find us digitally on our Sound Cloud page ( or our website ( containing us and mostly things that amuse us.

If you like what you hear we would love to see you at The Queen of Hoxton on Saturday May 26th for our first show since creating a set made almost entirely of new songs.  The doors are at 8 and if things go to plan we should be onstage (in the below ground level) at 8:30.  For those that are on time, the entry will be free for you to enjoy the entire night including other live acts and D’Js throughout the entire building.

Event info can be found here:

Watching Andrew evolve into some form of beast man before your eyes, behind a drum kit will be more than enough entertainment to make your night worthwhile... I promise.  But I guess Toma, His twin brother and singer, is pretty good also.

Hope to meet you there,


Oliver Spencer

From early beginnings as a self-taught tailor and shopkeeper, Oliver Spencer has built a brand around his vision: hand-crafted quality paired with stylish accents and details. In the words of GQ, a ‘uniquely British take on relaxed style’.

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